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B&S: For People who are Passionate about Cooking

2018-08-14 05:57

Let me confess, I am a  foodie! So most of the time I try out new recipes whenever I get home early, and when I  am tired or have not gotten a recipe right that is when I go to the restaurants. I  love trying out new recipes and so I tend to ensure that I have all the things I need.I  believe the kitchen is the most important room in the house and you can't afford to go wrong on what you intend to purchase. And for a  lady, you can't  afford to not know what happens in the kitchen, as they say, the way to a man's heart is through the stomach so why not perfect some skills in the kitchen and you also need to eat. To my fellow foodies, I would love to direct you to cooks' paradise - The

B&S shop on Kilimall

is here to sort out all your  Kitchen woes, with great cookware and at the best prices. Once you shop here you are home and dry. The products are few, but they are all you need for a basic kitchen.

Passionate about cooking? Check out this cookware shop on Kilimall

Check some of them:

10 pcs Aluminium Cooking  pots

Sh. 3,600 Don't wash the Ugali sufuria to cook stew. Get the complete set of cooking pots! These cooking pots are made of aluminum and easy to clean. The pots come in different sizes, therefore, you are able to cook different amounts of food plus tea on the side, together. They all come with lids with handles to makes your cooking stress-free. They are convenient to have in the house and especially if you intend to host and you have a variety of food to make.

Get all 10 pans at Sh. 3,600 on Kilimall

3 Pcs Non-stick Frying Pans

Get the pressure cooker on Kilimall Ksh 2,300    If you grew up in the village like I  did, you knew if you needed to make Chapati there was one neighbor who your mother would send you to get a  pan from. But those days no longer exist so you need to have a  pan for making chapatis,  eggs, pancake and even trying out new recipes.  there is just something about food cooked in a pan or maybe the movies have shown me that. You can choose to buy either the  3 pieces or  1  piece.  I recommend that you get the three. They are easy to clean the pan as they are non-stick and dishwasher safe.

Pressure Cooker

Ksh 2,600 Love githeri and other hard cooking foods? Listen closely... B& S  wants to get the best experience  with high  quality pressure cooker  and at an affordable price of  Sh. 2600 for 11 Litres, 2,470 for 9 Litres-2470 and 2350 for 7 Litres. Cooking food with a pressure cooker  is much faster than the conventional cooking method and it saves energy.When you cook food using the pressure cooker it retains most of their nutrients and is tastier, more like the African clay pot, pressure cookers can also be used to preserve food like the fridge. This one comes with an extra perk... it is very easy to clean!   

Buy it now on Kilimall

Isn't this the shop you need for your cookware?      

Vendor Highlights

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